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Audit Protection Services

Is a service product that offers protection for your clients before they are selected to be audited by the IRS or State agencies.
While audits can’t always be avoided, they don’t have to be scary. With proper planning, a sound methodology, and an experienced team working on your behalf, you can feel confident and prepared to defend your position should an audit occur. Tax audit defense is included with every Tri-Merit study, so we will be by your side the entire way.
Individual Tax Services

Individual taxes can be a complicated subject, and it's important to understand the different options available. For individuals filing a tax return,

Business Tax Services

Business taxes can be a tricky thing to navigate. Whether you are filing quarterly estimated taxes or a full year's worth of returns,

Virtual Services Tax Services

Tell your receipts, account statements, and W-2s they can stay home, as online tax preparation solutions have provided a new level of convenience.

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